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This Tuesday I went to two very interesting workshops. Considering it is still lockdown the workshops were online. My first workshop was on Formulating a Research Question. Giving that I am going to be writing my dissertation this term, I thought this workshop would be interesting and fun to attend. I am not saying that the other workshop was bad it just did sick with me as much as the other ones.

In the workshop on formulating a research question, I was asked to do a few exercises at home because we didn’t have the time to do them during the workshop. I thought for my own benefit and hopefully others that I would share them here on my blog.

The first exercise I was asked to identify my subject, theme, context and topic:

Subject: Digital Pattern Cutting

Theme: Is digital pattern cutting more sustainable?

Context: Sustainability, Bespoke Pattern Cutting, Digital Pattern Cutting and Fit.

Topic: Digital pattern Cutting vs. Bespoke Pattern Cutting.

The second exercise I was asked to do freewriting about my subject:

In my work this semester I aim at exploring a new rout of digital pattern cutting focusing on pattern cutting and fit with the software CLO3D. I am going to focus on exploring what we will be losing if we go completely digital and then what we are gaining? Are we gaining time? Are we gaining more accurate methods or more accurate patterns? Is digital pattern cutting really that sustainable compared to standard bespoke pattern cutting?

I only had 5 minutes to write this and I could have written more if I had time but because I wanted to do all the exercises as I was told this is all I came up within 5 minutes.

My third exercise was on the 5 w’s:

What does your topic impact?

The world of fashion, environment and the people

Who cares about your topic?

Developers in the fashion world, me, environmentalists that are against fast fashion.

What is influenced by or influences your topic?

What influenced me in choosing this topic is the software I am learning how to use and my interest in general bespoke pattern cutting.

When was or is your topic relevant?

It is relevant right now because the carbon footprint of fast fashion is bad, and by going digital, the footprint will reduce by 30% if we go digital.

Where is your topic relevant?

I would like to believe that my topic is relevant to anyone that is interested or anywhere, where fashion exists.

Why is your topic important?

Because if we don’t do anything about changing the methods of fashion now, we might be too late

My fourth exercise was to make a mind map:

I have only just started making my mind map for my dissertation, but it is not completed. I will be posting it once I have completed it.

My fifth and final exercise was to write a research question:

Digital pattern cutting on CLO3D: Why should we go digital with Bespoke pattern cutting?

These exercises have helped me in starting to write my dissertation. I have now started writing out some ideas for an introduction and I am happy that I have finished as much as I could from this workshop because I feel like I could start writing and gather more information now.

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