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Week two of work; this weeks (12-18th of Oct) progress (late update)

I started this week with a lecture and one to one tutorial with the subject leader. In the tutorial, I voiced my confusion with the 2000-word essay and two presentations that are due in my core module. I felt confused in what I was to write about and thought that I would have to write in a form of a dissertation but during the tutorial, I got clarification on that my essay is supposed to be my evaluation of the two presentations that I will be doing.

I didn’t write about my first presentation for core 1 in the previous blog, but the presentation was about me and my practice. I felt that the presentation went well but I didn’t get many questions about my work other than about my idea about using runes and how I will be presenting them. All the other questions I got were focused around my hobby of figure skating and the I, Tonya film.

But back to the one to one tutorial, I talked about how I have been recording my work and how I will be continuing on as long as making plans about my next steps that I continued on working on throughout this past week.

After my tutorial, I have made the decision to not make my blog like a dissertation and voice my opinions and thoughts instead along with recording what I have been doing throughout the week. I feel more comfortable with what I am going to be doing through the week.

I started my week by learning how to use Illustrator and make tech flats more efficiently in my practice. I have now managed to set up my workspace the way I want it and I have grown more confident in using the techniques that are thought throughout the Linkedin Learning course I am taking. The lecturer that teaches the course explains everything very well and I feel like I can make more professional technical flat drawings now compared to the ones I did before. I aim towards finishing all the Illustrator course that my subject leader has recommended watching on Linkedin Learning in the next following weeks. I will leave some screenshots of the progress I have done through the Linkedin Learning course here:

Along with illustrator, I will be exploring the world of Laser cutting. Where I aim to engrave and cut into fabrics. Since I am Icelandic and I find the world of Norse runes really interesting, the inspiration for the print that I will be making by engraving or cutting out with the laser cutter will be runes or runic letters. This explains why my last blog briefly touched on the history of the Icelandic runes. I made a mood board to show you what I am thinking of doing.

While I have been researching I came to the decision of only using runes that I know what mean and ethically correct to use. That way I won’t be just writing my name but I also won’t be insult anyone that believes in Norse mythology as runes are a big part of their believes.

I plan on starting by just getting to know the process of laser cutting by cutting out and engraving into of wood. I plan on just using my logo and my name in the alphabet we know today. Once I have done that I plan on engraving and cutting into the fabrics that I have chosen.

The fabrics I have researching need to be able to not set the laser cutter on fire and approved by the staff that works in the 3D workshop area. The fabrics I have bee researching are mostly fabrics suited for outerwear where I have little to no knowledge on but I am willing to explore. I have been looking at the following fabrics: denim, felt, polyester, fleece and nylon. I am also open to any suggestions that you may have.

In that lecture, I had before my one to one I was asked to make a mind map before the next lecture that shows the digital aspects that I will be exploring throughout this module. My mind map was made with a phone app called Mindly. I am honestly really found of it but I just find it uncomfortable that in the free version you can‘t save anything to your camera roll so it is easier to send it to your laptop. I am on the other hand planing on buying the full version in the near future to add to my mind map. My current map only has four wings at the moment but will hopefully grow longer through the semester and year, Here is a picture of my current mind map.

Moving on from my mind map because next week I have my first progress presentation for my specialist module where I will be discussing my progress so far. I am going to express now how I feel about where I am at the moment.

I feel like I could progress a bit more than I am currently doing. I could move more quickly through my Linkedin learning courses and I could start working on CLO3D that I haven't been focusing on because I feel a bit lost and unsure where to start but, I think once I start and give myself some time I will be able to move through quickly gain more confidence in working with CLO3D. Then I will be sharing my experience and thoughts on the software. Because I haven't made any progress on CLO3D I won't be talking about it in the progress presentation that I am working on this week. In the presentation, I will be talking about the process I have made so far with illustrator and laser cutting. As I have been explaining that throughout this blog I won‘t be going into much detail on it.

I feel like my next steps will be presenting my progress presentation, finish the first course that I have been doing on illustrator, start making prints to sample in the laser cutter, gather more information on the fabrics I am going to sample on and then try to start laser cutting next week.

Due to personal reasons, I wasn’t able to finish this blog within the time frame that I wanted this blog is coming out two days later than I wanted to. I am aiming towards posting a blog every Sunday this semester and I will be reporting my thoughts and work progress throughout my MA in Digital Fashion modules this term.

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