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Week three

This week I have been focusing on finishing my first LinkedIn Learning course and I did. I feel like I have learned more in this course than I have in I did when I did my BA in fashion design. I feel like I could do simple technical flats in around 15 minutes or less whereas it would have probably taken me longer before. I have now set up my Illustrator workspace to make tech flats more efficiently now. The course touched on tools that I should have been thought in university or the course I took in graphic design in college. Not only does the lecturer of the course tell you what tools to use but she tells you what they do and the purpose of using them. I found that really good and I understood what she was doing and why.

After I finished the LinkedIn learning course, I decided to start right away on the next course that goes into more detail of technical flat drawing for fashion. In the first few chapters of the course, I have set up some shortcuts, how to save my workspace as an essential and save Actions into my file. The chapter I just started is about how to save and make symbols like buttons, zippers and stitches. I feel like this course is going to be more complicated, but I will eventually be more confident and efficient in drawing more complicated flats.

I have also made some progress in making a print in runes for my samples that I will do in the laser cutter. I will leave some screenshot of the samples I have made.

This is just my name. in two different runes. The runes are going to be the first fabric samples that I will make. As you can see that my name is also written there in “regular” letters. The reason why I am going to make one sample into wood just to understand the laser cutter better and because in the induction I had a few weeks ago I didn’t get to have a go on it myself due to COVID and the restrictions that are in place because of it. I meant to go and laser cut tomorrow but the cutters are not available between the hours that I would prefer to go. I meant to research more fabrics to use in the laser cutter, but I haven’t found the time to do so this week, but I will definitely be doing that this week along with laser cutting if I can.

This week I found out that my trial for CLO3D ran out and the university hasn’t gotten me an account yet and with that, I haven’t figured out how to use it apart from the notes I have made first when I got the free trial. Ideally, I would like to start exploring the software as soon as possible.

I mentioned that I had a progress presentation this week and it went well. I got a lot of suggestions of what fabrics I can use instead of leather. The reason why I don´t want to use leather is that I have got friends that are vegetarians and vegans and I feel like I’d be disrespecting their values. I got ides of leather made of bananas, coffee and other fruits. I also got a suggestion to look at a show that was about fruit and how it’s used in fabrics and other materials that was displayed at the V&A. I also thought my classmates also had some interesting ideas and have made good progress as well.

My plan for this week is to hopefully finish the illustrator course I just started, select fabric sample to laser cut in and try to book laser cutting and laser cut and if my CLO3D access has been set up by IT I aim to start doing the quick start exercises on their webpage.

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