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Week five - Laser cutting samples

This week I feel like I have done a lot, I went and to laser cut twice and I finally started working on the software CLO3D. I made more rune samples to laser cut with and I have decided on what methods of the laser cutter I am going to explore on my chosen fabrics.

I started the week with my first laser cutting appointment.

I spent most of the hour I had figuring out how to use the laser cutter. After watching my classmate Cat figuring it out by reading the instructions. I videotaped it while we repeated the steps on the cutter I was on. I will admit that I was definitely making things more complicated in my head. I felt more comfortable using the laser cutter after this first try. The first sample I did was in felt and it came out quite nicely for my first time using the laser cutter. Here is a picture of my first sample.

On Tuesday I thought I’d make a TikTok video of my experience laser cutting. I thought it would benefit me and others in the future. Here is the result of the video I made.

On Thursday I managed to go back and laser cutting, where I had a new sample to try in the cutter along with that, I bought some wood that I plan on displaying my samples on. During this laser cutting appointment, I had some struggles as the cutter stopped in the middle of laser cutting my new design, so I have only got a part of that design. I will leave a picture of what the laser cutter managed to cut here.

My wooden board came out really good, and I am pleased with the outcome. I plan on painting it or something to make the board look more presentable. Here is a picture of my wooden board like it is today.

I did another fabric sample that I did in that session I printed on cotton and it came out better than I expected, and I will leave a picture of that outcome here.

This week I also felt confident and comfortable in Illustrator. I was more efficient, and it didn’t take me very long making my designs come to life. I feel like taking the LinkedIn Learning courses I have been learning from have been working.

In previous blogs, I have been going on and on about beginning to learn how to use CLO3D software. I have finally started to do so. The first steps of the quick stat exercises are really quick and easy, but I struggled with Brief Draping Procedure, Arrangements and Sewing exercises. The problem that I had with Arrangements was figuring out how the tools worked and where they were as the software has changed since these videos came out. I feel like that was something that I struggled with in all of them if I am going, to be honest, but the draping procedures I just struggled with finding the correct tools and I have yet to find them today so that will be one of the questions I will be bringing to tomorrows lecture.

Moving on to this week, I aim at continuing what I have been doing, and I aim at laser cutting twice this week and finishing my Illustrator course I am doing now.

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