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Week eight - progress through the week.

This week I have been working really hard writing my essay for core1 or module 702. I have written about 750 words of 2000 for my first draft. My main concern, however, is if I am not writing it professionally enough meaning that I feel as if because I am writing it in my second language that it doesn’t sound as sophisticated as it would if I were to write it Icelandic. I am allowed to write this essay or evaluation in first person and that is how I feel like it sounds more laid back and easy whereas if I wrote it in third person it would feel more professional. I am though more confident and comfortable in writing about my work in first person so that is why I have decided on writing the first draft in first person and then work my way from there.

Along with my essay writing, I have started setting up development sheets for my illustrator work that I will leave with you here. I decided to make my sheets in photoshop to improve on my skills in photoshop as well as I have been doing with Illustrator.

As you can see here, I have not done that many development boards, but I feel like they look good so far. I did set them up so you can see what I did and what was going on at the LinkedIn Learning course at the same time. I also wrote a bit about my thoughts and what I learned during each exercise.

I also decided because the university is paying for LinkedIn Learning that I would learn some valuable tips and tricks on Photoshop. Because I don’t feel that confident in using it and I want to be able to say that I am confident in this basic adobe software on my CV. Even though it is not required to explore it for my MA I thought I would do it for my benefit only.

Along with all this development work and photoshop I went and had a laser cutting session on Tuesday that did not necessarily go as planned because the laser cutter and the laser cutting software Ethos were not really working with me. I wanted to explore the difference between laser cutting from an adobe illustrator file and jpeg file. I started the session setting up my jpeg file into Ethos, but I struggled to get the jpeg file to set into the software but once I managed to get the file into the software the laser cutter wouldn’t cut out the image that I had set up. I tried a few times, wasn’t doing anything, so I ended up emailing technical helped and got the information that it is not possible to raster fabric in certain settings. Then I decided to concentrate on my denim samples because I finally got my denim. Those samples came out really good considering, but I have realised that rastering adobe illustrator files cannot be done.

This week I found myself also struggling in CLO3D, but I was working on an exercise called “adjusting a shirt” on the CLO3D webpage but somehow every time I was simulating the garment onto an avatar this happened:

I did a good search on the CLO3D webpage, but I felt like I couldn’t really find the answer I wanted. I think I deleted the seam (same as unpicking a seam in the real world) I finally figured out what was going on. I had somehow mixed the cuff patterns together. I have still not figured out how I did that, but I managed to fix it. In my search for answers, I found some good tips and trick that I wrote down that will come in handy later. I did another exercise that went really good compared to the other one.

I feel like I have never been as productive as I have been this week. I plan on being just as productive this week. I want to be able to finish the “lessons” exercises on the CLO3D webpage and finish my development sheets for illustrator and get my first draft of the essay well underway.

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