• Elísabet Soffía Bender

This Last term and the beginning of the next!

When I stopped writing blogs in November, I had a lot on my mind regarding finishing my work. I had an essay half-written and an e-portfolio half done for two different modules along with that I was finally graduating from my BA in fashion from Leeds Arts University and flying back to Iceland to be with family for Christmas. I left you where I had not even finished 1000 words in my essay and only started working on my development boards for illustrator, I was struggling to get the laser cutter to work with me and to be honest the same was happening with CLO3D.

I have to say that taking the time off writing the blog was a good decision at that time because that meant that I would be able to focus on my work. Now it is the end of January and I only have a few days until I know if I have passed my first term of my MA degree or not. I want to attach my research work here once I have gotten my feedback from my tutor.

In this time, I didn’t write about my practice I felt myself missing it I also started to realise that I didn’t really write that much about my experience with CLO3D, but I think that has mainly to do with my fear of losing access to the studio spaces like happened during the first lockdown. I found myself leaving CLO3D behind and I ended up working far into the night trying to catch up with CLO3D a few days before my deadline.

I felt as I didn’t have that much to show even though I had finished all the tutorials on the CLO3D webpage.

I ended up finding a few glitches within the software CLO3D while working on my MacBook Pro 13”. I felt like my screen was too small and that I couldn’t zoom in and out to specific places. This however has not stopped me from using the software, but I feel as if that is frustrating because of all the extra steps that I find myself doing.

The tutorials on the webpage also don’t always match up to the newest version of the software. Which means that I found myself struggling to find something or do something that may have changed in between software updates. Don’t get me wrong I love working on the software but there do come times where all these little things work against me.

I definitely aim at using the software further in my work.

I am really looking forward to this term if I am going to be completely honest because this term, I have got my dissertation where I aim at writing about the difference of traditional bespoke pattern cutting and digital pattern cutting focusing on pattern cutting within CLO3D along with that I am going to be doing customer profiles and research into this market that I want to come into once I have finished my degree. This will mean a lot of research into something that hasn’t really been researched or done before and a lot of experimenting within the CLO3D software.

My goals for this term are to be more confident in making patterns in CLO3D so far, I have only found one decent tutorial online on the subject that I will attach to my next blog.

To develop and from a size chart to use from my final project and do a better job on positioning myself on the market now since I struggled with it in my BA degree.

This term I feel myself struggling with keeping focus and starting on things like research and competition briefs. I hope that will change once I have written this blog and started to focus more on my work.

Form last term I am hoping to have gotten deeper understanding on laser cutting and Adobe Illustrator in that sense that I feel confident in adding that to my skill on my CV and so far, I feel like I have along with having started working on being more confident in using CLO3D.

From all my research I have done this past term I am taking CLO3D forward because I feel like there are more options to be explored within that software. I will also try to take time to nurture my skills within illustrator and photoshop and try to do some tutorial on LinkedIn learning while I still have access to them.

I wouldn’t say that I will be leaving anything behind, but I will not be experimenting with laser cutting any further than I already have.

After having evaluated on my thoughts and process when it comes to this past term and my hopes and goals for this new term that has now begun I feel more confident and ready to start working on my new projects.

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