• Elísabet Soffía Bender

The Ice

I woke up today. excited, today was the day I was finally going to feel like Elsa from frozen, I was finally going to let it go and connect with the ice again. I was finally going to load on the ice again. After being grounded by new laws and rules that forbid me from doing the thing I enjoy the most. In a way, I will always find my way back on the ice but this time it was different. I felt free, I felt like there were no worries in the world a part of me felt disconnected from the world. The only connection I had was with the ice. Step by step without thinking. The only thing keeping me with the universe was the cold and how it bites my cheeks and fingertips as I moved. This was the first time in a while I didn't feel trapped within these four walls since this pandemic started.

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