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At the worst time of my life, I felt stuck, I felt unsure, I doubted. It was meant to be the happiest tom of my life so far, a puppy, a loving boyfriend, family and friends despite being only 25 I felt like I needed more but at the worst time, my boyfriend stopped speaking to me. He ignored my messages and phone calls he didn't replay. I arrived back to what I thought was our home but it wasn't anymore. It was his, and the dogs. Somehow I had become and Item that could walk the dog and tide up the house. I felt stuck like I was growing, I felt unloved and empty. Confused and ignored. When I finally spoke up to him, he expressed jealousy with anger and frustration in his voice so I left. I left because I couldn't handle the stress and the emotions that I felt. I left because there was no other way to make me feel happy, to make me feel love, to make me feel free and that is when I felt freedom.

This is the first thing I wrote in my journal. I was definitely not feeling my best when all this was happening but I felt writing in my journal would help me explain my experience of a story that has more than one side to it. I have nothing but love towards the people in this post but at the time these were my feelings. I hope this will benefit someone that might find themself in a similar situation but I hope no one has to.

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