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FabricantXAdidasXKarlieKloss blog two

In my last blog, I spoke about how I had figured out how to create different poses and animate avatars by using the website Even though I have succeeded in downloading a pose for my avatar I still struggled. I struggled with changing the pose. I will be reflecting on my process and making notes in this blog.

My first problem with the poses was downloading the obj or fbx file into my laptop. The files did not download when I used google chrome. After I had tried a few times I decided to try using a different browser and changed form google chrome to safari and once I had done that it seemed to have done the trick. This is not the first time I have struggled with downloading from google chrome and I feel like I have spoken about this many times before.

After finally managing to download the avatar and its new pose I quickly realised that my troubles were nowhere near finished and I had a new problem. My new problem had to do with arrangement points. I thought that the software automatically added the arrangement points but that is not the case. I struggled a lot in understanding how I could add the arrangement points to my new pose. I did discuss this with my tutor and she pointed me in the right direction and I started to try to figure that out.

Before I played around with the arrangement points I had given up on changing the pose almost completely. I started to search for the texture that I wanted to use for the jacket. I chose Nylon texture and played around in Adobe Photoshop to change the image from 2D to 3D. I then added it to my jacket file. Before adding anything to my CLO3D file I changed the particle distance from 5.0 to 1.0 while I was working within the file because I found the file was too big and not working as it should. Once I had adjusted the file to my liking I started working.

I selected the pattern pieces that I needed and added the textures by drawing the PSD file (photoshop file) into the property editor in CLO3D and into the texture feature. I also played with the colours and the artwork features within the property editor and ended up with this outcome.

I was very pleased with this outcome but I still wanted to change the pose. I mainly wanted to be able to present the garment without having the garment stuck in an A or T pose (the standard avatar pose). I started looking at how to adjust the arrangement points that I ended up succeeding in by watching a youtube tutorial that my supervisor helped me find.

After adding in my desired pose and an avatar that already existed within CLO3D I turned on my X-ray feature and started to adjust the existing avatar to match the desired pose as you can see with this picture below.

Once I thought that I had almost matched my desired pose I turned off the X-ray feature to make sure that the avatars matched.

Once I had matched the avatars like I wanted I went into the avatar editor and chose arrangement and adjusted the arrangement points. After I was happy with how the arrangement points aligned with the avatar I closed the avatar editor and deleted the existing avatar from the file. I then decided to see if the arrangement points worked by turning them on.

After I was happy I saved my file and moved on to my next problem. As I thought I didn't have any more issues I opened up my AdidasXKarlieKloss file again but I was still having the same problem the avatar would not change its pose within the file I was working in.

I had then almost given up and decided to move on and added a background.

My concept behind the jacket was nothing in particular because I simply screenshotted a part of the artwork that came with the advertisement for the competition. After I had added in the background this was the outcome I had produced.

I still wanted to see if the pose could actually change the pose. I ended up loading the avatar (obj file) that had the skeleton that I had made in Mixamo. Then add the garment in afterwards. After I had achieved to add the garment on its own on to another identical avatar I was able to change its appearance. I only changed the colour of the avatar because I wanted it to not look as human as the default avatars are. Because the brief is to bring fashion to the future.

After changing the appearance I thought I would see if I could change the pose since I managed to use an identical avatar and it finally worked. This process was way more hassle then I thought because in the webinar that I watched there were clearly steps that were missing that I didn't even think I needed until I started working on in the AdidasXKarlieKloss file. I thought I was finished when I had taken these photos.

I decided since I had sometime before I sent in my work to speak to my classmates for feedback and their thoughts. My main feedback was that my avatar didn't have any leggings and one of my classmates sent me a basic leggings pattern that I then changed and added to my AdidasXKarlieKloss file. Along with adding the leggings I also got good feedback about turning off the Internal lines and all the unnecessary lines and guides that I don't need while I am presenting my work.

I ended up submitting my work to the competition and I will leave my submission here below.

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