• Elísabet Soffía Bender

Donna Haraway text take 2

I started reading the Donna Haraway article again but this time with more focus and determination than before. Before I started reading through the article I decided to move the text from its original place on Estudio and put it into Microsoft Word so I would actually be able to read it. Once I had transferred it into Microsoft Word I started reading and this time I didn't feel as lost in my train of thoughts I actually thought the words meant something this time. Even though this time I felt more confident I still found myself wondering but not as much. Donna Haraway has some interesting viewpoints on feminism and how we look at feminism and I can see how people in my class believe this article is questionable and don't really like it but I can also see the other side of it how people could actually like this article and refer to it in their practice. As I have yet to finish the article I can't from my own opinion on it and I think I might have to read this article more than once more before I decide.

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