• Elísabet Soffía Bender

Donna Haraway text

I was asked to read 3 articles last week but I wasn't in the class at that time. I was dealing with personal problems, I was dealing with healing myself. You see I felt like a part of my newly discovered identity was taken away. I was no longer a girlfriend or a puppy mummy I was just me Elisabet. While reading this article by Donna Haraway I found myself starting to wonder, wonder what I was going to write about, what is going on outside as people walked past my window, wonder why I wasn't focusing on this article that was recommended to me. Wondering why everyone had such strong opinions on this article. I found myself reading empty words that were meant to be strong and powerful meant to mean something. It may be because I discovered that I find it hard reading small-sized text with little to no space in between them, maybe because I was reading it off my computer screen or maybe because forth the millionth time I was overthinking. I have allowed myself to lose focus and wonder what if's, how comes and life itself. I have allowed my train of thoughts to take over.

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