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AdidasXKarlieKlossXFabricant blog one

For my module “innovate for industry” I have been asked to do a competition. The competition that my tutor chose is AdidasXKarlieKlossXFabricant and the competition aims to create the scenery for womenswear jacket designed by Adidas and Karlie Kloss. This competition aims to get women more interested in the digital world.

The first thing I did for this competition was to watch a webinar from Fabricant about the competitions and methods on how you can alter the avatar its stranding’s and garments texture.

I started my process by uploading the project file (Zprj file) into CLO3D and then I realised that the file didn’t have an avatar. I struggled for a bit to figure out that the file actually has an avatar. I had watched the webinar again, tried to add another avatar into the file and adjust the garment around it but none of this seemed to work. I then went on to the Fabricant webpage to find out where I could find an avatar that would fit but I found something better. I went on to discord to find information about my problem. On there I finally found the solution that the avatar was actually within the file it was just hidden within the file and I just needed to make it reaper by pressing shift + A or selecting show avatar in the avatar drop.

Once I had found the avatar, I saved the avatar as an OBJ so I could take it over to a webpage called Mixamo.com.

When I logged on to Mixamo I realised that they were a part of the Adobe family, so I only needed to log in with my adobe logins. I struggled a bit in using this page, to begin with, and then I realised that I had saved my OBJ (my avatar) wrong, so I went back to the file and realised that I needed to make sure that I have clicked “save all avatars” once I had that sorted importing the avatar into Mixamo became way easier.

The uploading the OBJ file into Mixamo did take a while so If you have something else to do, I recommend organising yourself so that you won’t spend too much time waiting. When the OBJ file has been loaded you have to indicate the avatars chin, elbows, wrists, knees and groin and then hit next. This can also take some time but once it is finished your avatar will have a skeleton.

The next step would be to find a motion or a pose for your avatar. In my case, I chose a female dancing pose. I originally chose a pose that I really liked but was a bit complicated. When I tried to download it to my laptop it didn’t seem to work so I tried again with no luck. I then decided to try to switch internet browsers I was previously using Google Chrome. I have been having some problem with downloading on Google Chrome for a while now and that is why I changed to try on Safari. The first try did not go well either. I decided then Instead of being frustrated and annoyed to leave it and try again the next morning.

The morning after I tried again but with a different pose and it seemed to have worked. I took my new avatar pose and imported it to CLO3D where I then saved it as a pose. If I would have chosen a motion, I would have had to take a few more steps before saving the avatar as a pose. After saving the avatar pose the pose will take up to 20 minutes for it to work. I didn’t realise that and tried everything, and nothing was working with me. After realising it might take that long I decided the best thing for me to do I to start on something else.

I will leave screenshots of Mixamo and the pose loaded int CLO3D Here.

In the next blog, I am going to be experimenting with texturing in CLO3D.

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